"Thank you so so so much for such a wonderfully fantastic evening! It truly could not have been more perfect. We challenged you with a wide variety of age groups and music styles, and we can honestly say you "nailed it"! I don't think there was ever a moment where the dance floor was not packed, which made it that much more memorable. If you ever need a recommendation, please let us know because we will gladly give it. Also, we have some pictures of the band playing throughout the night, let us know if you want any of them."
Larissa and Daniel
Wedding Burlington

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for making Ben and Lauren's wedding onthe 21st such a fantastic occasion. Ben drumming with you was the highlight of the night and had some of our old friends in tears. They made it all the way through the ceremonies and speeches dry eyed but lost it when you had him up to drum. I haven't seen Ben and Lauren let loose like that in a very long time - they are fairly sedate young folk!!! even my Mom and Dad were up dancing and owing to some physical limitations that hasn't happened in over 15 years!!! Quite a lovely moment. We have heard nothing rave reviews of your performance and comments like the best wedding they have ever attended are the norm! Your professionalism mixed with a ton of fun are a perfect combination but I already knew that!!!! Thanks of very much for being such an integral part of a wonderful day! Hope to see you soon and I promise not to sing! OK maybe not! Happy New Year!"
Catherine Brady
Groom's Mother

"As soon as we saw Itchy and Scratchy at a friends wedding, we knew we wanted them for ours. Now, whenever people talk about our wedding reception, the first thing they mention is how awesome the band was. Everyone old and young was up dancing all night! Those boys certainly know how to put on a show, and the songs they play are the best! The reception was my favorite part of our day and it was mainly because of Itchy and Scratchy! I can't thank them enough for making our day even more memorable and I would definitely recommend them for any function!"

Sandy and Shawn Holloway Wedding

Bruce Chapman wrote
"Hi Boys: Just wanted to send an e-mail thanking you for the great show/concert you did for us. The Police Association of Ontario holds their annual general meetings once a year rotating throughout the Province and this year, we (as in the Peel Regional Police Association) were responsible. Booking your band to play on our President’ Ball night was one of the best choices we made. I’ve been to a number of these events and usually about 30 minutes after the band starts everyone heads back to their hotel rooms leaving a small number of people to enjoy the night. Well not this year!!!!!!! Everyone and I mean everyone stayed, danced and partied the night away, and we have your band to thank. So on behalf of the 31,000 members strong in the PAO and the 225 delegates that night thanks again."
Bruce Chapman
Chairman of the Board
Peel Regional Police Association

Vince Sasso wrote:
" I can't thank you guys enough for everything that you did for 'Rock For the Cure ' You guys were awesome and there is no other words to describe it. On behalf of ROCK FOR THE CURE I want to say thanks a million for making it an amazing day and night. I will forward whatever photos i get and any other gigs that need a show. ITCHY AND SCRATCHY YOU ROCK ! " Thanks
Vince, Rock for The Cure

Dan Eremita wrote,
"Hey you guys! Thanks so much for your truly entertaining show at our Grand Reopening. I have to ask how you out-did your New year's Show Here!? The response in the community and newspapers has been great and our business continues to grow. Your professionalism is unmatched and your energy and party spirit is priceless! My wife and staff and patrons all want you back here again soon. So we’ll see you next month!

Dan, Crabby Joe's

Joann Lim wrote
“On behalf of all of us at Oldcastle Glass Engineered Products I would like to say thank you for your wonderful performance on Saturday. With very little notice, you guys jumped on board to perform; having the three of you there played a very large role in the success of our summer 2008 Fiesta. We had nothing but positive feedback and I can say confidently that after last Saturdays performance, the Itchy Scratchy Show now has 220 new fans. Thank you again for your time, your talent, we look forward to working with you again “

Joann Lim,Oldcastle Glass Engineered Products
Summer Feista